About NAFO

The National Centre of Multicultural Education (NAFO) is a division of the Faculty of Education and International Studies at OsloMet (Oslo Metropolitan University).

NAFO’s objective is to contribute to the protection of multilingual and multicultural aspects at all levels of education from kindergarten to college and university. The organisation’s operation is nationwide and focusing on work for adaptive and good education of minority language speaking children, youth and adults and to develop inclusive multicultural learning environments. Subject- and research communication and practical assistance is central, and NAFO arranges courses and conferences in addition to supervising authorities and employees in kindergartens and schools and the special needs assistance service (PPT). The center also collaborates with the other national organisations to assure diversity and multicultural education.

An important part of the center’s work is the development and promotion of multilingual Internet resources. Central resources developed and run by NAFO are the platforms Tema Morsmål and Skolekassa. NAFO is also responsible for the project Fleksibel opplæring (Flexible Education) which ensures that bilingual students in all of Norway have the possibility of bilingual education in Arabic, Somali and Tigrinya in mathematics and science.

Material in English
Learning resources in English
  • Skolekassa.no – digital resources for newly arrived students presented in seven languages
  • Bildetema – interactive illustrated dictionary in 40 languages
  • Mulitilingual verbs – verbs in present and past tense in 12 languages with video
Videos with examples of good teaching practice with English subtitles

Contact us
Email: nafo[at]oslomet.no